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1991 Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer


Barney Ruprecht
Senior Car Specialist

1991 Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer


Barney Ruprecht
Senior Car Specialist


  • A wonderfully specified 4.0-liter, five-speed example
  • Öhlins 'Phantom Road' Sport Suspension Package, Brembo Big Brake Upgrade, and External Center Fill fuel tank
  • Finished in classic Porsche Silver with Dark Navy/Black leather and Tan Square-weave carpets
  • Shows less than 3,478 miles since commissioning in 2019
  • Offered by its second private owner

1991 Porsche 911 (964) Reimagined by Singer

Chassis no. WP0AB2960MS410941
Engine no. 62M05682

"Everything is important."
- Rob Dickinson, Singer Vehicle Design

Certainly not a quote taken lightly, Rob Dickinson's Porsche 911 recreations combine the very best of old and new to create a singular object that, as Chris Harris said during his first Singer test drive, “a machine rooted in passion, obsession, and perfection.” With the looks of an early 911, the 'Classic' Singer blend is more than skin deep. In fact, the entirety of a 964-generation 911 is painstakingly reworked at Singer HQ in Los Angeles, CA where the honed chassis, powered by a highly-tuned, air-cooled Porsche flat-six, is fitted with the best brakes, suspension, transmission, and trim. Each of these components come together to create a modern car with a seamless blend of style, vintage elegance, and accessible, raw performance.

The process of commissioning a Reimagined Singer requires a substantial amount of patience, with the waitlist stretching out years. However, the order book is now closed for the original-style 'Classic' model meaning patience is no longer an option should one have wanted to commission a car. The forthcoming Turbo Study model recently announced by Singer will replace the 'Classic' once production concludes. Originally built to order by a New York-based collector, car #153 named the 'St. Tropez' Commission, later renamed 'Onera' by its current owner, was built between October 2017 and March 2019 and is equipped with the largest, most desirable 4.0-liter engine. According to Singer, these 4.0-liter engines produce about 390 bhp and about 315 lb/ft of torque with engineering by Ed Pink Racing Engines. All of Singer's Ed Pink-built engines start with a 964 case and feature a litany of internal upgrades including a custom crankshaft, oil pump, pistons, cylinders, connecting rods, camshafts, cylinder heads, throttle bodies, and intake system. When married with the Singer chassis, performance is awe-inspiring with 0-60 times below 3.3 seconds and 0-100 mph sprints of about 8.2 seconds.

Onera is offered on behalf of its second owner with 3,478 miles indicated on the odometer. Well specified from new, Onera is finished in Porsche Silver with side stripe delete and optioned externally with large center fill fuel cap, raised gold decklid letters, Bahama Yellow 'Big' Brembo brake calipers, and nickel-plated exterior trim. Working in concert with the classic Silver exterior are the four points of contact in the interior - Dark Navy Blue leather fixed track-spec seats with brass grommets, MOMO Prototipo steering wheel, drilled, floor mounted pedals, and 'special wishes', 917-style wooden gearknob - take center stage. Black trim and Alabaster cabin stitching compliment the tan square-weave carpet, ivory headliner, with the Bahama Yellow tachometer face rounding out the interior. The entire car is underpinned by Öhlins sublime 'Phantom Road' Sport Suspension Package, built with bespoke valving for Singer. These Öhlins dampers, finely adjustable for bump and rebound, were developed with renowned driver/journalist Richard Meaden of EVO magazine.

The combination of these ingredients, both mechanical and trim, create a soulful sports car with a vintage, machine-like feel. Collectors Garage's Senior Specialist Alexander Weaver knows this feeling better than most, having logged thousands of miles behind the wheel of their cars over the last several years. Intimately familiar with the company's process, its build quality, and the parts that go into constructing them, Alexander summarized the Singer experience perfectly - “To me, a Singer is probably the finest balance of modern materials and engineering, mixed with the feel and experience of a classic 911. The result is something you have to drive to understand, and after countless miles behind the wheel, I can tell you these cars drive, sound, and feel unlike anything else, whether commuting to work or ripping through the mountains.”


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